Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Click on the top right corner of the screen, ‘For Clinics’.

Step 3 - As a new user, click on the ‘Register’ button.

If you already have registered for, then click on ‘Log In’.

Step 4 - After completing the registration process you will be signed in and greeted with the screen below: 

Step 5
- Please check your email inbox to confirm your email address so that you can start creating clinics and generating clinic 6 digit codes to share with your patients.

Step 6 - Click on the left side of the screen ”creating a new Clinic” to create a new clinic.  This should be the name of your hospital, surgery or practice.  Your full name will be added to the end of this clinic for clarity.  You can also select the length of time you would like this clinic code, associated with this clinic to remain active.


New Clinic Name: Park Edge

Users Name:  Dr Sam Smith

Generate Clinic:  Park Edge - Dr Sam Smith

Note:  The clinic expiry time can be set to a default setting of 24hrs, 72hrs or 1 week. The expiry time set is to reduce the chances of patients rejoining the virtual clinic with the same code when they are no longer meant to be consulted in that clinic.

Step 7 - Your unique 6 digit clinic code is displayed at the top of the page.  This is a link you can share with patients or simply ask them to visit and input the 6 digit clinic code on the homepage to be connected with you.

Note:  The 6 digit code is intended to be a single use, throw away code to be used per clinician per clinic per length of clinic time set.  We would advise creating a new clinic to generate a new 6 digit code whenever planning to consult a new set of patients on a different day. 

Step 8 -  Once the patient has joined your virtual waiting room you will see several items displayed:  Their name, date of birth, contact number and the length of time they have been waiting.  As more patients join, you will now see all of the patients checked in to your virtual waiting room.  Click ‘connect’ next to the patient’s name to start the video call.

Step 9 - Once you have clicked ‘connect’ you will be asked to grant permission for either video/audio connectivity or audio only.  Please select video/audio if a webcam is installed on your machine, otherwise select audio only.

Step 10 - You will now be joined with the patient to start the consultation.  The information on the right will display the patient’s details, how many other patients are waiting for you in the virtual clinic and the time taken in this current call.  Once finished, you can click the ‘end call’ button.

Step 11 - Click ‘back to clinic’ to return to your virtual waiting room to begin another video consultation.  If you wish to rejoin a video consultation with a patient then click the ‘connect’ button again next to their name if they have not left the virtual waiting room yet.

Other Features 

On the left tab you are able to view all of the clinics you have created and which are still active. You can create a new clinic or manage the ones you have already created. Here you will see the unique 6 digit code linked with this clinic and the time left until this clinic and its code will expire. You can also ‘end clinic’ to permanently remove this clinic.

Your account options lets you change your profile details, set default settings for your new clinics, change your password, change your email address and to set up a two factor authentication if this is required at your place of work.